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        Amanda Forsyth cello, Pinchas Zukerman violin and cond--National Arts Centre Orchestra - Brahms: Double Concerto - Symphony No.4

        Concerto for violin and cello in A minor, Op. 102: III. Vivace non troppo

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        Introducing Our New Monthly Contest! Classic Pet of the Month!

        Classic 107 has teamed up with Global Pet Foods in St. Vital to bring you our Classic Pet of the Month! See how you can enter your favourite pooch or cat here!

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        He's Back! Maestro Bramwell Tovey Was Our Guest On Morning Light.

        Winnipeg New Music Festival and WSO Conductor Laureate Bramwell Tovey returns to Winnipeg to lead the orchestra in the opening concert of the WNMF. If you missed his conversation with host Michael Wolch, you can watch it here.

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        Scot Mctaggart was in the Diamond Lane for Dine About!

        Learn more about one of the city's most exciting culinary experiences! Watch the interview here! 

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        Saturday on The Wide World Of Classical Music

        Baroque, Brazil, Beethoven and beyond, this weekend on The Wide World of Classical Music with host Michael Wolch. For more details about this weekend's show check here.

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        The Listening Party Presents - Gregory Porter: Nat King Cole & Me, Saturday 10pm

        Join host Roxane Gagne, this Saturday 10pm, to hear the complete and newest recording by singer Gregory Porter dedicated to Nat King Cole.

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        Tuesday Afternoon in the Diamond Lane: Harry Stafylakis

        The Winnipeg New Music Festival Co-Curator joined Simeon Rusnak! Missed it? Watch it here! 

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        Classic 107 LIVE! Presents The Winners Of The 2018 Zita Bernstein Competition: Elena Howard-Scott & Ben Kroeker.

        The opening concert of the Music 'N' Mavens Series at Rady JCC gets underway Tuesday with the 2018 winners of the Zita Bernstein Lieder competition. They were live on Morning Light to perform a couple songs, 

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        Hear It Here First! Rainbow Stage Executive Director Julie Eccles Announces Cinderella As Their August Production.

        The beloved and historic Rainbow Stage announced their August 2019 show exclusivelly on Classic 107. It's Cinderella! Watch The Announcement Here.

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        New Prairie Theatre Exchange Artistic Director Thom Morgan Jones Was On Morning Light

        To learn more about the new PTE Artistic Director, Thom Morgan Jones, and hear about the upcoming play New Magic Valley Fun Town, watch his interview with Morning Light host Michael Wolch. 

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        107 Live with Guitarist Thomas Viloteau!

        The French phenom joined Simeon Rusnak in the 4 o'clock hour of the Diamond Lane! Missed it? Watch it here! 

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        Music 'N' Mavens Producer Karla Berbrayer Outlines The Lecture/Music Series On Morning Light

        Find out more about this fantastic music and lecture series with Music 'N' Mavens Producer Karla Berbrayer,

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        The Saturday Night Listening Party Presents St├ęphane Grappelli: Improvisations

        Hear the great jazz violinist St├ęphane Grappelli and his superb French band recorded in Paris in 1956, this Saturday night beginning at 10pm on The Listening Party.

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